Sunday, March 30, 2008

My friends, and all of their teammates, in Lansing, Michigan are preparing for another 758 miles of kick ass bicycle riding; the second Equal Parenting Bike Trek from Michigan to D.C. to promote equal parenting between fit parents following divorce is at hand! You rock, Pedersens'!!

I want all of those of you out there who know, and support, kids in the nightmarish divorce syndrome of the U.S. Family Law Industry to help me support these people; I admire their resolve, tenacity, and determination to no end!

I will be sharing the news of this upcoming event far and wide, and with all whom shall listen and or write. From my friends at Georgians for Family Law Change to the great Warren Farrell in Encinitas. And to all of those who care about justice, equality, and fairness. Please pitch in with anything you can afford. Call, write, email, and talk with those of yours far and wide.

Buy a bumper sticker from me, and I'll contribute, once again, to "The Trek"

Go Rob and Go Bruins!!!