Saturday, May 12, 2007

21) MI. Parents fighting like Kronk Gym!

Game on people! - The fight for divorced parental equality is being taken to the streets, roads and highways of America > literally! In the shape of a 700 mile "Equal Parenting Bike Trek" (click link above) to commence August 11, 2007 an incredibly caring, tough, unified, determined, and focused team effort is being mounted that will press forth the determination and resolve of divorced Dads and second wives and families to change the nightmare that is the "Family Law Industry" in this country and throughout the world. The riders and their support team(s) are going to travel from Battle Creek, Michigan to Washington, D.C. to raise voter & taxpayer awareness in regard to the societal rip-off that remains in the form of the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries.
This awesome Bike Trek is intended to promote equal and fair family law reform. I personally, as one divorced Dad, am backing, promoting, and supporting Robert & Rob's effort 1,000%! A portion of sales of my bumper stickers will go toward supporting the August 11, 2007 Bike Trek effort! Please click on the links to learn more and to assist their efforts; even $5.00 or $10.00 will go miles in this monumental and expensive effort to promote fairness in our country -


Anonymous said...

Special thanks for covering this story/event! Please tell other Bloggers to pick up this story as well. We need everyone's help in spreading the word of this event for it to have the impact we are hoping.

We have 11 formal media interviews coming up soon. Plus, over 30 Blogs now covering the story!!! This may seem successful but we need many more Bloggers to spread this. If you support EQUALITY than you must Blog this story and spread via emails the story link to others.

Story link again:

Thanks again for covering this event and helping us spread the word. We need everyones active support.

Looks like your Blog is off to an awesome start! Your bumper stickers look awesome and the message needs to be on everyone's vehicles.

Teri said...

god bless all parents kept apart from their children by unjust court order or malicious ex

Anonymous said...

it is a shamethat men get the short end of the stick when it comes to seperation through the court system my am paying child support in which it is not allowing me to provide for my faimly. Ihave been shut for custody of my 5 year old son and now the courts of fort bragg ca have mad me pay far to much in child support. S ot o have men fight this is great
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I just lust my familly, because couldn't provide after child support was implemented for my older child from a previous marriage. I can't afford a legal representaton and comunication with the office is a joke. What was done was and is careless for my 8 year old and wife that can't take it anymore and left. State shown none consideration for existing familly and caused the destruction of it. Are there other organizations that I can turn to in order to get help in fighting this outlaws!!!
Plese help

Anonymous said...

I am a Woman and I do agree Most men get taken and its sad. I would rather have the kids then have money anyday - most men don't get either. Our Government system those sweet innocent people who just happened to lose all the Americans Hard YES very hard and stressful Earned money is so busy trying to get every penny they can from the tax payers so that their family and their Children can have everything they would ever want and more more more - that they just don't care about our children and our families. The rest of the Children who's Daddy is not working for the Good ol Government - still want to see their Dad and they want their dad to be happy to. But if their Dad is not paying because there is NO JOBS Our Government wants to charge charge charge them so they can have more more more...... Well and that can keep the jails full which well can keep more income for ........... You guessed it Our Government and their Families and their children. HHhhhmmmmmm makes you want to go work for the GOVERNMENT Huh ? Not a chance! We just have to explain to Our Familes and Our precious children to Love each other and to share what little we have. We just have to explain to our children that Daddy is really a very good man but the Government needs more, and well just because we couldn't live together because of all the stress of not being able to pay our bills at Our trailor, apartment or house the government had to put your daddy in jail and show and tell everyone how bad your daddy is, but when those kids at school pick on you - well you just tell them that the Truth is your Daddy is a very Good Man and that YOU Love him very very much and no matter what they say about him being a dead beat DAD - you know better! Oh and when little Jonny comes over and tells you that his Mom was Screaming and yelling at Daddy because he wasn't paying child support - tell him to just hug his Mommy and tell her everything will be ok - you see the Government wants to cause friction between the Mom and the Dad this way they are focusing on fighting with each other and well you know....... the Government who keeps accidently losing money gets forgotten about.
So to all the familes remember one thing the Government cannot take from us - unless we let them - is Our Love and so it is up to us to Love each other as much as possible because there is nothing and I mean nothing Greater than LOVE. Oh and since I happen to Love animals so much to - remember the next time you see a dirty stray dog or cat or whatever - don't take away what little he has left. Remember that the doggie or kitty or whatever is somebodys daddy, mommy or baby.

Love to you all ..................

Anonymous said...

On paper I look like the biggest piece of crap because malicous ex and wreckless csea system. anyone who really knows the history on either side think i'm far from that. I've had custody back and forth with ex without change for joint custody. my daughter lives with me now and I provide for college now it is all coming to a head due to falsified information. i'm in arrears as though i never existed.first priorty is to be of value to my children....not ex. if I am put in a position where I can no longer do that I do not want to go down whimpering like these other men do either about taking of their children or the corrupt system. people choose what they respond to, and I cant bear the missing the opportunity to make a point that cannot be forgotten. I feel if someone has to to suffer an inescapleable injustice then at least do something significant enough to make them think about inflicting on the next person. this indifference has got to stop