Friday, August 31, 2007

Gender Bias Outrage!

OK folks, indulge me while I share with you the pictures of pig criminals getting away with VERY serious crimes! Crimes and penalty American men would not get away with; read on, please.
In this post I am going to present three examples of criminal American females in the news. I will list them in the order of their cases based upon age, oldest case being first. #1 is the two-time murderer Holly Ashcraft; the Blondie strumpet directly above. She is the suspended USC student who killed two babies that she birthed. She is to be arraigned on Manslaughter charges on September 14, 2007 as opposed to murder charges. Basically, the little rich bitch strumpet got knocked up, carried the babies to term then killed them by abandonment after she gave birth. -What would a man have been charged with if he were to toss a newborn baby into a trash dumpster?

The, we have Lisa Nowak, the lunatic former astronut; pictured above with her hand placed on her testicularly bruised chin. She has been charged with Attempted Kidnapping. The evidence found in her vehicle the night she attacked the other female NASA gal clearly shows she intended to kill her then, cut her up, bag her and get rid of her body. - Would a man have been charged with the lesser Attempted Kidnapping charge had a man perpetrated the same acts under the same circumstances? Not to mention, Nowak is working and making big bucks. I sure would like to know what her current visitation schedule is with her three children!

And lastly for today, there is baby-whale heroine and fifty-four year old sow, Jean Panzo-Montalbano; shown shitting her red Moo-Moo in court just before she was released on her own recognisance. She, who pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a special-education student multiple times and was sentenced to "House Arrest and Community Service". Wonder if they'll allow her to serve her Community Service at a day care facility? - And if a man had been charged with, and pleaded guilty to, having "unlawful sex with a special-education student" where would he be today?

It's all bullshit and things better change!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

College Footbal, BIKE Trek and other Musings

Well, I've been derelict in my writing here but I have legitimately been busy as hell!

The BIKE Trek guys got underway this morning - 700 miles from Lansing MI. to D.C. for the EQUAL Parenting Rally to be held in our Nation's Capitol on August 18, 2007 other things, Casey Stoner is running away with the Moto GP series so far with 7 wins in 11 races with just 7 to go; the next GP is in Brno on 8/19....

I am excited about UCLA football this season and am going to do all I can to attend the Notre Dame game in the Rose Bowl on 10/6/07; Irish eye's will be teary when the Bruins are finished with their team!....First time Notre Dame has played in the Rose Bowl since 1925....Huge game.....Anyway, am going to do my best to be more consistent here, and BTW, the dedication of the Helen Lundeberg "Transportation Mural" is taking place today. I am to assist my Mom at the Centinela Valley Historical Society booth for the event.....No beer = drag!! Onward, peace......