Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank goodness!

I am so happy the Texas Supreme Court has ordered that Gestapo CPS to return the children to the FLDS parents; what an outrage! Not surprising outrage, but outrage nevertheless. In the news yesterday, some of the Texas CPS (Child Protective Services) people were quoted as saying that to return the kids to their parent's could cause them to leave the area "of jurisdiction"

Well, I can tell ya, if I'd been subjected to that bullshit raid, I'd be outta there as soon as I could get my kid back, too! What do those SS Agents expect? Those Mormon people to embrace and thank them for causing emotional stress that they may never recover from? Idiots! It all comes down to the fact that the tax payers and the Fed is figuring out that the whole child support collection machine is an unnecessary rip-off! The Federal Funding that pays for two thirds of child support collection is finally being scrutinized; there are going to finally be layoffs in the Child Support Collection Industry. Received signed change in custody documents yesterday; onward! Watch out for Obama people....According to the brilliant scholar, Thomas Sowell, Obama is way too far left: He has never sponsored any bipartisan legislation.