Friday, July 27, 2012

This entry is about Philadelphia area resident, Walter Andre Sharpe, yet another paternity fraud case, surprise, surprise! Like Joe Dier, this guy is trying to get his money back, and I'll be watching very closely.
Please read the excellent article written by Matt Miller for The Patriot News, dated 7/26/2012.
While it is likely that men experienced with the nightmare’s known as the Family Law or Child Support Collection Industries would have responded to the certified letter in question, Mr. Sharpe may have simply been too afraid to challenge anything these Gestapo‘s say; no excuse, just a fact.
People also need to know that these regimes continue siphoning of HUGE sums of taxpayer money via their child support collection system(s) and subsequently, they don’t like a lot of “noise” surrounding their activities, particularly when one bears in mind that much of their revenue generation is blatant thievery just as it has been in this case.
The fact is, this case is potentially a LOT bigger than the Court and Dauphin or Montgomery County officials are letting on about, and here‘s why:

In California alone we have over 8,000 men paying child support for children that DNA evidence has proven they didn’t father; why? Quota! If the Golden State were to emancipate these men from their assigned debt, the State risks losing the $90+ million Federal Dollars it receives annually for its child support collection and case management efforts; Federal Funds that, not incidentally, never make their way into the lives of children of divorce or impoverished kids. Instead, those funds finance the salaries, medical benefits, paid vacation time, and pensions of people employed by or retired from regimes such as the Dauphin County Domestic Relations Department and their hundreds of minions. And you wonder why these regimes so vehemently resist turning guys like Mr. Sharpe loose? Please!
Further, it is entirely possible that the biological mother and “the right guy” were completely oblivious to much of the legal ramblings; these child support collection regimes are capable of ANYTHING when it comes to "collecting" tax payer money; Believe it!
Its been happening in every county, in every State, in the United States for forty years now!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Child Support Injustice @ Rural America

In doing my morning perusal of Internet news today, with “child support” in the Yahoo search bar (my searches typically, and almost always without fail, result in a quick and easy discovery of yet another ubiquitous Family Law and or Child Support Collection injustice vicimizing a man or a father(s) and more often than not, these articles are showcased at a reputable online journalistic website) I came across a story about the plight of my new friend, Joe, written by Michael Wiser, during today’s search. The piece is - refreshingly - a concise and right-to-the point, facts-in-front-of-your-face, well written article; thanks Mike!

Now, Joe lives in a place called Grundy Center, Iowa. In simple L.A. terms, Grundy Center is “way the fuck out there” or “in Bumfuck Egypt“. Now, please understand, my intention is not to knock Grundy Center, to the contrary, I wish they had a regional airport as I could use a few days in the country, like right now, yesterday! Rather, my intention is to showcase that even in what many American taxpayers - like John Cougar Mellencamp - would acknowledge as “Small-town America” men and fathers are not safe from the injustices of a Family Law Industry intent upon keeping “Dad” right where they want; paying money! I spoke to Joe by phone today, he told me what he had been experiencing. I shared with him that he was not alone, and that in fact there are 8,000 men in California alone paying child support for kids that DNA evidence Has proven they didn’t father; I shared a lot of what I know about the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries, and how horrible they are. I’m going to do all I can to help raise the awareness of Joe’s case.

See, Joe has paid thousands - THOUSANDS - of dollars in child support for a child that is not his! Joe loved, and may still very much so, love this little girl, she was “his”. He fought for and wanted to gain full custody (Ha!) when the mother took the child from Joe’s residence, and it was only when he started custody proceedings that was he told the little girl was not his; he then wanted to adopt. His story came to light, when he asked to have the mother reimburse him; he said he - in reality - expected no money to be paid by the mother, but that set me to thinking. If Joe was informed he was not the father prior to a DNA test being conducted, I am of the opinion that Mom knows who the biological father is, and that "Dad" owes Joe a few bucks, no?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

As the crucifixion of American fathers and men continues,

theft from the American tax payer goes hand-in-stealing-hand, right along with the persecution!
I shared the link contained in this posting with my FaceBook friends the other day, as with the politicians of our society, I haven't had too much feedback; "touchy subject" I suppose. Either that, or people continue to falsely believe that they're unaffected by the child support collection industry....Nothing touchy about it; Dads keep getting shafted and the rest of society pays the price right along with the "fathers" - If they're (Government) unwilling to fix this no-brainer atrocity, we're doomed....As the picture of the late great Big Dipper demonstrates, its a slam dunk!