Saturday, November 14, 2009


OK, so no surprise here, but outrage all around: On Tuesday 10 November, 2009, after pleading guilty to lesser charges former NASA Astronut, Lisa Nowak, walks out of court a free woman. Now let us not forget, this is the married chick with three kids of her own, who confronted her illicit lover’s “other woman” in an airport parking garage after driving a 1,000 miles from Houston to Orlando with diapers - both in supply and on her body - so she could make that drive non-stop. She also had in her possession latex gloves, a brand new Buck locking blade knife, rope, a small sledge hammer, and plastic trash bags. The bitch was sentenced to a mere year on probation. Probation! What if this sleep-around whore had been a man? Or even worse, an African American man?!
I dare say, whether white, black, Latino or any other race, a male would be in the slammer, period! And likewise, no man would have been given a cushy job at a space joint, that’s for damn sure! I understand NASA took "her wings" so she can no longer fly the Space Agency aircraft, but so what? She hasn't lost any pay, except to appear in court. This case smacks of what is known in our society as “The Lace Curtain” where women are treated differently than men are, particularly when it comes to crime and punishment. Women are only held to accountability standards that the media, academia, society at large, clergy and others see as “fitting” – The media reports Nowak as a "forty-six year old mother of three". Does that mean she still has custody of her kids, jointly or otherwise? Can someone answer that question for me, please?!
Because we all know, a father under the same circumstances certainly would have "Court Approved Monitored Visitation" at the minimum in a case like this. And lastly, why hasn’t anyone in the media asked how the little Nowak children are doing? Probably not, because they are safely in the hands of their Dad who is clearly the more stable of the two parents!
Such bullshit! And those of the ignorant, wonder why the country is sliding down the shitter.....
PS: She only pleaded guilty after an appeals court ruled all the hardware in her vehicle would be admissible. Slime bag!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Holiday "Open" Season is here!

Well, with the passing of Halloween "Open Wallet Season" has begun; too bad there aren't any "decoys" I can set out to fool my soon-to-be-sixteen year old daughter into thinking she has already procured all she needs in life, at least all she wants or needs from Dear Old Wonderful Dad! Not bloody likely, I say! Hoping those who give a shit, keep up with Glenn Sacks and his web site. This week past, he pointed out how Maria Shriver (Mrs. Governator) slammed fathers in a recent published piece "A Woman's Nation Changes Everything" but the kicker is this stupid Michael Kimmel person; zero in on him people, I intend to, with a vengance!
Anyway, haven't been on in a while and I am now a grandpa to boot, a lovely little boy he is too, have a look....Intending to write more often. Go Dads!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A shame! Artist lost...

Personally, I feel a great sense of loss with the untimely passing of Michael Jackson.

He brought me, and those I love, both present and loves lost, great enjoyment and fun when we dance to his music; I'll miss you Mike. For me, Michael's death is not unlike losing John Lennon: Two guys who could truly change the world....Often, too much pressure, expectation, and misplaced hope is put upon our artists, those we count on for pleasure whether it be visual, auditory, or by feeling within our senses; Michael Jackson did not, nor did he want, to be looked to for political or moral guidance, he was an artist. Again, I'll miss his art....Rest easy Mike, and the best to your inner circle, may they find peace in knowing how much joy you brought to those of us who appreciated your art and who never had the opportunity to spend time with you......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Bleep" it!

I have decided that - for the time being at least - I'm going to try and lessen and or eliminate the usage of profanity in my entries here. Please understand, that I came to this decision, not because my outrage and or anger about the issues that piss me off has lessened any; to the contrary. I've made this decision so that in the unlikely event that an elected, appointed, or employed official reads my stuff, it might be taken more seriously. Not that my use of profanity isn't serious mind you, but I'm just afraid that my use of profanity could perpetuate the selfishness and cowardice behind the "status quo" in the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries. Anyway, I feel my strong and aggressive point of view - and first hand experience - validates my word choice. But, someone from those walks of life could chicken out and not read my entries in their entirety simply because I curse. So, from now on, I'll do my level best to insert "clean" blog entries.
David Goldman still hasn't gotten his kid out of fucking Brazil! Oops; there I go again.....

Don't get me started!!! Too late......


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, so much for a Divorced Dad “victory” in Brazil for David Goldman; what a bucket of horse piss laced shit! Some fuck-face Brazilian Judge has blocked the American from taking his son home to the States. In the event you’re ignorant of the case, Goldman and his ex-wife’s (she was a Brazilian native) marriage went to the shit-can in 2004, when she snuck off to Brazil and divorced Holmes from down there. So, not long after the Family Law Industry in Brazil fucked Dave, the Nazi Family Law Comrades here in the States porked him too. As it was, the short sighted selfish bitch took a “two week vacation” to her native Brazil in 04 with their then four year old son in tow - Surprise! She and the kid never returned; Goldman has been in a longer battle over that whole bullshit-scenario prior. Anyway, since the ex-fuck died, like a year ago due to complications in birthing another kid by some Brazilian attorney asshole - who by the way, has been raising the kid, so the news reports say - (wonder if this Brazilian fuck lawyer has been getting child support from Goldman?) Ooooooo, that’d be the straw that breaks this divorced Dad’s fucking back! So, this brings to of late, Goldman saying like “Hey, the sneaking, conniving bitch is dead, gimme back my kid” - No brainer! Those of us who know how this shit works, are not, in the very least, surprised by the fact that the biological father hasn‘t yet had his kid returned. Can you say “Elian“? Those of us in the know, again, are not surprised, pissed like a motherfucker, but not surprised…..
But, as I opined yesterday, let us hope that “diplomacy” once again becomes a factor: I hope Mrs. Clinton gets on this again. If so, we should ALL write and call to her exclaiming the nightmare that are the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries right here in the U.S.A.! - Please stay tuned!

Air France AF 447

Not all of the recent news from Brazil (the tragic loss of the Air France Rio-to-Paris crash into the Atlantic Ocean) has been bad. There is also the report about the huge victory a divorced Dad from New Jersey scored in that South American country; getting his eight year old son back after a four year battle....Surprise, surprise, the mother took the kid to Brazil following divorce and
never returned; she died fairly recently. Let her rot!
The huge point to be made, not lost, and kept in the limelight as long as possible in my opinion, is the fact that elected U.S. Officials, up to and including Mrs. Clinton and President Obama directly addressed the situation with varying Brazilian authorities when they met with those officials. That could be big ladies and gentlemen! Big! Write to those people. Tell them about the outrageous occurrences right here in the States! Men paying child
support for kids DNA evidence has proven they didn't father! Mothers gaining primary physical custody of minor children over 90% of the time in divorces! The atrocious fact that divorce and custody comprise over half of all civil litigation in this country! No wonder the states are broke and the economy is in the shitter: we're paying all those mediators, counsellors, psychologists, child welfare people, judges attorneys and legislators to fuck as all right down the shit pipe. Personally, I'm sick of it!! I'm telling you folks, the time has come to give up on the Equal Parenting tactic and hit em where they (the tax payers) will listen; in the pocket book. Everyone with a clue knows that the States get monstrous amounts of Federal money each year for their case management and child support collection efforts. Funds that never make their way into the lives of children of divorce or impoverished kids! No! Those Federal Funds finance the salaries, medical benefits, paid vacation time, and pensions of those employed by the divorce and child support regimes. Those are Form 1040 funds people, your tax dollars, those "unaffected" by divorce and child support; its draining us all and it has got to stop! By far a larger threat to society as we know it than race or poverty combined! Taking Dads from their kids' homes via court order for thirty+ years has created a populace of thieves, teenagers who are pregnant all the time, and violent pieces of shit, with these "Family Law Officials", many elected, having a vested interest in creating as many of these little fuckers as possible, and getting Dad out of the way is the cornerstone of the divorce industry. Enough!

Monday, February 16, 2009

What else, and what next?

Over the last two weeks, it's rained here in Los Angeles more than I can remember since about 1982. The dead grass from my mothers back yard was floating on a river of lluvia down the driveway at about 8:00 this morning, and there must have been at least four inches of water on the ground all way round the old homestead; maybe the drought is finally easing. Anyway, I've now had primary physical custody of my fifteen year old daughter since June of 08 and the challenges continue; while I won't go so far as to say they're "mounting" they are at the minimum, ever present. Geeezzzuuusss!

Through the graciousness of one of the very kind people in my life, I was able to attend comedian Lewis Blacks' show here on Valentines Day night; he was as outrageous and funny in person as he comes across on television, I love the guy. The show was at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills. If you ever have occasion to attend an event there, go; the place is incredible. Be warned however, cocktails are not cheap. Stay with me if you will, but it has been nineteen months since I came back to the old house I grew up in, due to circumstances beyond my control (Third divorce, among other shit) to live with my eighty-seven year old mother, and that too is not without trying challenges. Frankly, she is about sick of me and my kid, my Dad, may he rest, died in 1995. And here, all this time, I thought I'd gotten my hard headedness from my Dad!!

So, 2008 is the first year since 1991, that I get to claim any of my children on my income tax - Hallelujah!! And, wouldn't you know it; the fucked up state of California is so fucked up, they're holding onto my fucking state refund. Just my luck! Oh well, and so it goes....Contemplate this recent quote by Connecticut Senator Edward Myer from an article in The Hartford Courant dated 1/30/2009: "the child welfare agency is one of the largest in state government. DCF has about 3,500 employees and an annual budget of about $900 million." and the key word here is "annual" and again, none of that $900 million dollars goes to children of divorce or families being "served" by that agency.

Monday, February 9, 2009


A new year, a new President, renewed dampness via rain out West here, but the same old crap with The Family Law Industry.....Attempting to renew my posts here, with always a watchful eye - Contemplate the recent quote by Connecticut Senator Edward Myer from The Hartford Courant dated 1/30/2009: "the child welfare agency is one of the largest in state government. DCF has about 3,500 employees and an annual budget of about $900 million." and the key word here people is "annual" and again, none of that $900 million goes to children of divorce, impoverished kids, or families being "served" by that agency.