Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Pressure!

Well, obviously I have been otherwise engaged, and for not posting more consistently, I am guilty. Evidently, a certain DA in another state thinks I'm guilty of child support bullshit too; taking everything my imbecilic ex-wife has told them as the truth; my turn, AGAIN, in the barrel folks. Difference is, I have records! Of course, it will be of no consequence that my ex-wife has lied blatantly, again, through her stinking teeth....Enough! THIS JUST IN: The state of Massachusetts has passed a law: Parents cannot spank their own kids! Fuck Me!!

I hope everyone who has ANY kind of family law/child support collection industry issue is going to vote for Rudy Giuliani; he's the only one of the lot, Repub. or Demo. who's had his ass kicked by the family law regime; and regardless, he's the only one of all of them who has a clue. I do like what Huckabee wants to do with the IRS - GET RID OF IT!! I don't give a damn about Rudy's other policy positions, I want him to get in there and kick some family law ass! Be sure and visit Glenn Sacks site people, big news in the works on the Feds finally cutting some fucked-up funding to the stinking state child support collection payrolls; GOOD!! It's about time!!

Also, keep an eye on the Astronut, Lisa Nowak, case, I hope she doesn't get away with it, but I'm smelling a rat. And also notice, that there has been NOTHING said in the media about Nowak's kids! If she were a man, they'd be all over the fact that "dad" is a terrible person, bad parent, and, and, and just look at what that animal tried to do; he tried kill his ex-wife's-boyfriend's-friend's new lover or some shit; rest assured though, they'd find a way to demonize the man in that scenario.....Peace