Saturday, May 12, 2007

21) MI. Parents fighting like Kronk Gym!

Game on people! - The fight for divorced parental equality is being taken to the streets, roads and highways of America > literally! In the shape of a 700 mile "Equal Parenting Bike Trek" (click link above) to commence August 11, 2007 an incredibly caring, tough, unified, determined, and focused team effort is being mounted that will press forth the determination and resolve of divorced Dads and second wives and families to change the nightmare that is the "Family Law Industry" in this country and throughout the world. The riders and their support team(s) are going to travel from Battle Creek, Michigan to Washington, D.C. to raise voter & taxpayer awareness in regard to the societal rip-off that remains in the form of the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries.
This awesome Bike Trek is intended to promote equal and fair family law reform. I personally, as one divorced Dad, am backing, promoting, and supporting Robert & Rob's effort 1,000%! A portion of sales of my bumper stickers will go toward supporting the August 11, 2007 Bike Trek effort! Please click on the links to learn more and to assist their efforts; even $5.00 or $10.00 will go miles in this monumental and expensive effort to promote fairness in our country -