Monday, September 10, 2007


Enough already, enough! Atch! My ears!!!

I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to looking at the family law bullshit, and the blatant attack that the religious right and women's rights groups are putting on us Pops......Like Chris Rock said: "I don't condone what OJ did, but I understand"

I hate to say that I "feel" with that statement, despite the fact that it's a joke.....My friend in Michigan has asked me to post the following YouTube link, and please have a look at how hard these guys are working:

I used to fight like these guys, but I'm fifty now and I'm choosing another path in this battle; writing to the media! I Yahoo search every evening under their "News" drop down and type in "child support" it's always there, it's always there - some other Dad taking it up the posterior; Assholes!

I hope we have a riot in the street when Lisa Nowak's case is dismissed, dog shit bitch. She better never come to So Cal on a public mission of mercy....Hey, friends, have look at what this swine bitch, what's her name Rob? Representative Balinda Crack? No, Malinda Smack? No, Brenda Clack, she's the idiot who doesn't know her ass from page 6 and continues to have a say-so on issues that impact the great people of Michigan. No wonder the Wolverines are 0-2? Who can win with an asshole like this bitch in office? Geeeeezzzzzuuuuussss! Help out people, help em out! I'm in Ms. Clack's ass tomorrow..........Peace!