Sunday, December 30, 2007


Got cha! My first cold symptoms since getting off chemo, May, 2005; sneezing like hell, runny nose, agh! My doctor told me I probably wouldn't get sick for quite a while after the chemotherapy treatment concluded, and he was right...New Years eve tomorrow, Oh-Eight is here! Big family court hearing for me on 1/7/08 and I'm feeling a little antsy about it; anyone who knows, understands The Family Law Industry is not for Dad's, but I have no choice this time. The preparation for hearing has been close to all consuming of my time for the past four weeks, and I finished my document gathering just today. I think I'm as prepared as I'm going to get; wish me luck, and I'll have a full report next week!
Hoping the best for a positive New Year and hoping those I know and care about have a better year than last. Don't know about you, but it's been kinda rough round heeya!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year? - Let's hope!

Great, and convivial, time was had by just about all who attended Christmas at my Mom's house. Which, by the way, and if it matters, is where I reside too...My older daughters had a great time and received some very nice things from Santy Claus and their family....I've been sorta wrapped with the entire Tiger-kills-zoo-patron thing; as I say from time to time "I can think of a few ways to go, but that ain't one of em" Spooky.....

As Oh-Eight approaches, gotta wonder what the hell is going to happen, as is known, Oh-Seven sucked....I must confess, I'm ready for that snap on Pennsylvania Avenue to vacate the premises; fuck! Glowing economy? Unemployment low? Bullshit!

Now I admittedly, converse with pretty small circles of folks, but I don't know anybody who is enjoying the proverbial "day at the beach" in their lives right now.....Oh, enough Pablo, sheessh!

To the bed with a sniffle, a sneeze, and a cough -

Sneak under the blankets, with shiver and broth -

Arise in the morning, with clear nose and eyes -

Hope that my head cold has met it's demise -
...Ah, at least I try. Some nights are better than others. To you who care; X O

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Miles in the Waiting

Picture is of two pretty, and important gals in my life; my middle daughter and my Mom -

Being limited by a strenuous bunch of BS dumped on me at the first of November, my Merry Blissmiss plans have been strained, as my body and soul continue to be, by crap much of which is out of my control.....I'm litterally quite tired and, grow weary of always having something or someone, not of my doing or desire, impeding what had been a clear drive for simple smoothness in my life; simple smoothness.....Had to get something for my youngest today, and so I did, venturing "out amongst em"....In L.A. I believe I've finally learned: Shop early. Which is what I'd intended to do until the bomb bopped me in November...Anyway, trying not to whine, but shit "what'd I do?"!
Looking forward to 2008?
Geeezzzuuusss! 2008!

A father's love...
"A father's seldom-spoken love sounds clearly through the years -sometimes in peals of laughter, sometimes through happy tears. Perhaps they have to speak their love in a fashion all their own. Because the love that fathers feel is too big for words alone"- Author unknown

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Passion gone?

Ooof, Christmastasio is nearly here....Certainly, so far at least in my life, things are turning out to be a bit more of a creepy fairytale than I'd thought they'd be; Demons, (some, admittedly, of my own creation) monsters, dark trails, have replaced pumpkin carving, stocking stuffers, and days at the beach. However, none of this stuff I anticipated when riding my skateboard, on a nice afternoon, in So Cal in 1969- Sheeesh....

Priced a gallon of milk this week?

Seems we're a bit short on heroes, champions, saviours, people of truth, or "the ordinary" folk baby boomers expected(?) at this point; things are almost making Nixon look good. Well, how I see it anyway.....Like Jim Carrey said in The Cable Guy - "Weird" - Ya think?

Mucha lluvia in Los Angeles two days in a row......Drought over? Hope so.....Peace

Monday, December 17, 2007

Blown - Steam, Argh!!

The indicator was up, just as was my ire, and so it seems that my demons conspire - Against me the odds tend to show and constrict, and now it's my transpo that contradicts -

Does the car pick a time to both supply and deceive? Just wanted to get there have coffee and breathe - Now again I am challenged, and must dig out my wrenches - to twist and to alter, to replace the damn menace. - Today the Acura warned me that attention was due, some leaking, and steaming and it shut down too - So now I must fix it so that I can drive on, and pray that the timing belt doesn't end up on the lawn....

Well, I had a meltdown today, actually, it was my 90 Integra, bless it's heart. Stood by me and I have done nothing to maintain it....Check your belts and hoses people.....Peace

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Arose, anticipating only the laundry, but alas found myself in yet one more quandary -

By myself, or with people, alone I do stand, then, someone came by - said "For now, I'll take your hand" - I never was asked, nor was I ever untruthful, but when burning inside, one want's to be fruitful - With passion and spirit, to the woman of then, came an aging young man to the seducer's warm den - With writhe and with sweat, to that moment one seeks, all at once, no more posturing, questions, nor peeks - In the human condition, is where truth it does live, testimony is given, folks to each other, they give - No pain, and much mercy, between two searching souls, so what if things happen, and grow out of control? If no one is injured and no promises made, then onward they travel, on their own paths, they've made.....Peace

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Blissmas!

Yeah, right...A two minute poem:

Dad, where are you? Away? Where you've been, I know not. Where you were remains mysterious, yet away from me are ye now. Where were you, and where have you been, where have you gone this time? Wondering? Are you with peace, and easiness, or troubled as I have been?...Seems I have travelled so very far while you have been elsewhere; troubled, I remain, but chin held high, looking forth. To love, as I have, has proven to be so very difficult, I seek bliss, yet when one has failed, also as I have, hurt causes me to question - everything........Ah, well, fresh eyes soon I hope.....Onward; Dad?

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OK, so that's the way it is!

I wrote an exceptionally nice (a short, but exquisite actually) piece of poetry last night and the someone I intended it for, oh, never mind......

I've just met some great people who run Georgians for Family Law Reform (a.k.a. Georgians for Child Support Reform) who are working hard to make Georgia’s family laws fair and equitable, because children deserve to be parented and financially supported by both parents. They will be promoting and selling my bumper sticker at their site - - very soon some proceeds of which will go to their efforts in the great state of Georgia. Great people with a sound cause. Check em out.....Peace

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simpler; please!!

Sheesh, Christmas is almost here! May Oden help me, I'm just not sure what to think about that....I don't like the fact that much of what my uncles, aunts, and parents said, back when I was a kid, has turned out to be so fucking accurate: "Just wait till you're my age" or "You'll see, smart-ass, someday you'll wish you were a kid again, just wait" - And the classic in my family: "Slow down, enjoy. You'll be old before you know it" I suppose, they heard the same shit when they were all younger too. Boy, do I truly pray for a simpler life. Just a little easier, so many people count on me, I just don't know how much I got left in me, and hell, I'm only fifty. Can you see the tears on my cheeks? Aw well, to bed I suppose, I'm sleepy and the Marx Brothers await; they always do the trick....

I have an early January, 2008 hearing date that I am actually looking forward to, at least I am right now; check with me after Valentines Day. I hope Cupid doesn't shoot me in the ass with a poison Family Law arrow, little bastard! Wait, it's still 2007. 2007!! Oh my gosh!

Where has the time gone?......Rudy Giuliani people, Rudy G........Peace

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A short one....

In love, should I be, in an embracing breeze, that graces my cheeks and my nose in the afternoon...Out, over the ocean......I miss you...

I remind of the longing in me, for the lady, should I call, should I write? Buffoon......

That the bind I hope for that is strung, tween my heart and her smile shall one day allow the embrace I want so much to feel just once more, only once to see the passion in the green eyes of kindness; I was so wrong......Peace

Monday, December 3, 2007

And so, it goes on....

I have shared the location of my blog here with someone whom I respect more than anyone else I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally, and so going forward, I may inject a degree of difference in my postings. I'd told myself that I wouldn't share these entries with those who I care for and who may yet care for me (Friends & Family both) because, well, this is my blast zone; we shall see if I have erred yet again.......Not that I'm ashamed mind you, it's just that well, this person knows me like nobody else does. With that said: On with the TIRADES, GOD DAMN IT!!

Oh how I wish I could indulge myself perpetually into the fine art of the man pictured and forget everything else, I love him, truly. Never a more gentle, genuine, or brilliant artist has graced our planet; I have always said that people like the Marx Brothers should not be allowed to die. And just when I begin to dream of the wonderful exchanges that must have taken place between he and Wollcott and the others of "The Circle" I read the following from today's BBC News:

"A man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is being made to pay maintenance by the Child Support Agency" "Maintenance" in the U.S. people, = child support.......Oy gevalt!
In other words, for tonight at least, fuck it!

I am a fair composer of poetry, I will begin placing some here, to buffer the aggression of my entries. Or not.......Peace!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Something I hadn't realized until very recently, is the fact that two-time murderess Holly Ashcraft, pictured with her toe-rag, scum sucking lawyer Mark Geragos, has been out on bail for two years. And, in early November, 2007, had her bail reduced from $200,000 to $50,000 - She has had to wear an electronic monitoring device, but where is she? At home in Montana? This is such repugnant bullshit, I don't believe there is a stomach medicine thick enough to prevent me from throwing up! What is the judge thinking?!

This idiot has killed two babies, two, has been charged three times with murder - and then had the charges dismissed for lack of evidence -- in connection with the death of her most recent newborn. Lack of evidence? What!?

Now what if the father had taken the baby and thrown it in the dumpster, what would he be charged with? I just don't know people......I simply do not know.......Peace