Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episodes and antipodes = Sheesh!

Rough this week, so hard on myself, I am; if only the one I truly love knew, and of course, she does and did, which is part of why I am solo, and am destined to be....

It seems a major shake-up is heading our way in respect to The White House, that is of course, unless McCain gets in. Weird, weird, weird, I'm sick of the bullshit already. Politicians are such liars, fakes, and masqueraders. Me, me, me, me....That seems to be the mantra of every jack-off whose run for office since "they" killed John Kennedy; but fuck, what the shit do I know? Ask me, I know nothing! I enjoyed the Academy Awards' broadcast, and thought that everyone looked pretty good; no over the top outfits. Big meeting for me soon, with my nephew; his judgement I, suspect, will carry quite the profound impact on what I hope to achieve....Onward, peace......The old gray homestead is now yella....X O

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, don't know much tonight, other than I am tired......."Hang man, hang man, oh wait a little while, I think I hear my brother comin, rid'n many miles"

So much, and yet at the same time, so little going on....A big transistion awaits me in the next few months, as it turns out, my youngest may be coming live with my Mom & me...So many plans yet to be laid down....I may finally find another resting place, at least professionally....That too, remains to be seen....I simply want to do music and relax, yet relaxation always eludes me, mostly, my own fault, of course....Must get back on the bicycle as soon as possible; no more excuses.....For now, rest....I am weary, and I miss she on the mesas and mountains;
oh well, tis my burden I suppose......Peace

To sleep once more, with muscle relaxed, and to close mine eyes quickly so as not to look back -

To rest in a state where my soul is at rest, and all is so mild -

Is where I long to be, so manic am I, so edgy and wild -

To rest just once more with my love by my side, to lay still and lie quiet -

Is a dream and a thought, to which I will cling and hold onto, and yes, a wish too, I do not deny it -