Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, I've been off of here for quite some time obviously, but it's not as though I haven't thought about new entries, or opined, mused about, or reflected on things with friends and or family. What happened is, that I gained Primary Physical custody of youngest daughter on 7 June, 2008 and I have been otherwise engaged ever since. In the photo, she's the one on the left, the other two gals are my older daughters. My youngest had been in a situation that I'll limit my description here as "bizarre": Her mother has changed residences no fewer than thirty-four times since 1999 and my daughter had been in nine different schools between second and ninth grade. She had failed eighth grade and only through her own effort and fortitude was she able to move on up to age appropriate ninth grade mid-year last year. I am currently embroiled in a battle with the local school district (the most local high school is about 50% Latino - 50% African-American) in applying for an Intra-District permit to allow my kid to go to a high school "out-of-district". The school I want her to attend is a good four way split 25% Asian, White, Latino, and African-American, not to mention, my nephew is The Dean there and will be in a position to help when the inevitable occurs. Example: I asked her this weekend what she knew about the Civil War: She, literally, had no concept and "didn't want to talk about it" - I'd say I have my work cut out for me. The photo was taken on Father's Day of this year and was the first time since 1998 that I was able to spend it with all three of my girls at the same time, and the first time since 2003 that I spent it with any of them. It was pretty special......More to come later, stay tuned!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank goodness!

I am so happy the Texas Supreme Court has ordered that Gestapo CPS to return the children to the FLDS parents; what an outrage! Not surprising outrage, but outrage nevertheless. In the news yesterday, some of the Texas CPS (Child Protective Services) people were quoted as saying that to return the kids to their parent's could cause them to leave the area "of jurisdiction"

Well, I can tell ya, if I'd been subjected to that bullshit raid, I'd be outta there as soon as I could get my kid back, too! What do those SS Agents expect? Those Mormon people to embrace and thank them for causing emotional stress that they may never recover from? Idiots! It all comes down to the fact that the tax payers and the Fed is figuring out that the whole child support collection machine is an unnecessary rip-off! The Federal Funding that pays for two thirds of child support collection is finally being scrutinized; there are going to finally be layoffs in the Child Support Collection Industry. Received signed change in custody documents yesterday; onward! Watch out for Obama people....According to the brilliant scholar, Thomas Sowell, Obama is way too far left: He has never sponsored any bipartisan legislation.


Saturday, May 24, 2008


While I realize I haven't many "fans" who have visited this stinking blog of mine on a regular basis, or in numbers that would rival a Zeppelin concert, there have been some who've come and gone, had a look, and even left an occasional comment.
In one of my more dim and distant entries, I spoke about my outrage in respect to the double standard treatment at the hands of the court regarding double murderess, Holly Ashcraft.
Recall, Ms. Ashcraft is the former USC co-ed who screwed a dude, got knocked up, had the baby, then tossed the baby in a trash dumpster where it died. Some time later, fucked another guy (or maybe the same cocksman) did the same thing: pregnant, have baby, dump newborn in trash dumpster. Well this asshole-shit little chick got off nearly totally free -no accountability; I hope the judge in the case, Judge Kathleen Kennedy, rots! First of all, I ask: what if a man had tossed a baby into a trash dumpster and been caught, what would he be charged with? This little Ashcraft strumpet pleaded no contest to child endangerment after the DA, to his credit, tried four times to pin murder charges on her ass.
I don't know how anyone associated with this cunt's release, including her rich snobassed parents, could cast their eyes on this whore, much less allow her to be held nearly completely unaccountable for her crimes! Shameful, but guess what, it gets better! All this little harlot has to do for taking the life of her own children, and she'll be sentenced on June 27, 2008 is to, get this: "time already served — about 30 days of jail time and about 695 days of electronic monitoring.
She also will be placed on five years of probation" By comparison, this bitch makes abortion clinics look fetus friendly!! I am, simply, dumbfounded! What if the guy who fathered the two babies wanted to have a relationship with those children? What if those men who fucked the bitch, died before ever having another child? I don't know, just seems, in the first place, so selfish of the little chick, then for the court to basically turn her loose is well, just not right! Am I wrong? - ProFuckingBation!!! Peace....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Happy - AT ALL!

Having a very tough time over the last few days.
Frankly - See photo, never mind.
My youngest daughter is finally supposed to be released from the hell that is her mother's household and come with me to live. The cruelty this woman is capable of never, ever ceases to cause me to be taken back; she has had the change in custody documents in her possession for two weeks now, and they remain unsigned. By the way, this was all her idea. This cow is horrifically mean to my daughter, the toxic, vile, incredibly nasty things that come out of her mouth directed at my child - Argh!....I think it was Chris Rock who said: "I don't condone what OJ did, but I understand" - If people knew what this tramp has put me and my daughter through they would want to throw her off a bridge themselves! All I can try and do is carry on, hold on, and have faith in something that my Clay will survive, get out of that pit, and into some semblance of sanity....My God!
Everyone who pays taxes in this country should read this article - - from yesterday's Evening Sun out of Hanover, PA. Atrocious, absolutely atrocious! To close this entry, please know that my Michigan friends are gearing up for Bike Trek II - Please click on the links below and support these folks; they're a little softer edge than I am, but they fight just as hard, speak even more actively, they're doing all they can to bring about change, and, they love their children -
Equal Parenting is a must! Rock on Rob!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Torn? - Not Really....

I heard Nader speak recently, he is right: We need to stop settling for "least worst" people being elected.....

During our Mother's Day celebration yesterday, my sister-in-law's sister
yelled at me during a "political discussion". Actually, at one point, she simply went nasty on me. I'd brought up the fact that personally, I was tired of settling for "least worst" candidates in elections, and that I intend to vote for Ralph Nader -Making that proclamation in the presence of this person, as it turned out, was a mistake on my part! After uttering this intent of mine, a the verbal assault on my person was unleashed, a salvo the likes of which I have not been the target of in quite some time; prior to that it had been a simple debate.
The source of the intensity contained in the hollering I was subjected to, evidently came from the fact that this woman voted for Nader in past elections. It appears to me that this woman has come to the conclusion, a conclusion that Mr Nader himself has very recently warned about, that by voting for Nader votes are taken away from a more viable, "electable" candidate and hence the "opposition" wins; bullshit!
It is that very attitude that has left American voters with but two parties in elections and our democracy the plaything of corporations. The tangible and real impossibility of getting anyone outside the Democratic/GOP party regimes onto the ballot for crissake is enough to sound the alarm nobody is hearing! I mean geezzzuuussss, there are people from the Lumber Industry in high positions at the Department of the Interior and people from the Pharmaceutical Companies in high ranking positions within the Food & Drug Administration; least worst?

I'm done with that crap!
This gal in her tirade went on to scream that I "probably voted for Bush last time anyway, didn't you?" Well, I'm not going to lie and say I didn't, but being employed in the defense industry for as long as I had been, I did vote republican for that reason; hey Bush hoodwinked me too.
Anyway, other than that, a pleasant time was had by all......

By the way, did I mention that I love beer!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My friends, and all of their teammates, in Lansing, Michigan are preparing for another 758 miles of kick ass bicycle riding; the second Equal Parenting Bike Trek from Michigan to D.C. to promote equal parenting between fit parents following divorce is at hand! You rock, Pedersens'!!

I want all of those of you out there who know, and support, kids in the nightmarish divorce syndrome of the U.S. Family Law Industry to help me support these people; I admire their resolve, tenacity, and determination to no end!

I will be sharing the news of this upcoming event far and wide, and with all whom shall listen and or write. From my friends at Georgians for Family Law Change to the great Warren Farrell in Encinitas. And to all of those who care about justice, equality, and fairness. Please pitch in with anything you can afford. Call, write, email, and talk with those of yours far and wide.

Buy a bumper sticker from me, and I'll contribute, once again, to "The Trek"

Go Rob and Go Bruins!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episodes and antipodes = Sheesh!

Rough this week, so hard on myself, I am; if only the one I truly love knew, and of course, she does and did, which is part of why I am solo, and am destined to be....

It seems a major shake-up is heading our way in respect to The White House, that is of course, unless McCain gets in. Weird, weird, weird, I'm sick of the bullshit already. Politicians are such liars, fakes, and masqueraders. Me, me, me, me....That seems to be the mantra of every jack-off whose run for office since "they" killed John Kennedy; but fuck, what the shit do I know? Ask me, I know nothing! I enjoyed the Academy Awards' broadcast, and thought that everyone looked pretty good; no over the top outfits. Big meeting for me soon, with my nephew; his judgement I, suspect, will carry quite the profound impact on what I hope to achieve....Onward, peace......The old gray homestead is now yella....X O

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, don't know much tonight, other than I am tired......."Hang man, hang man, oh wait a little while, I think I hear my brother comin, rid'n many miles"

So much, and yet at the same time, so little going on....A big transistion awaits me in the next few months, as it turns out, my youngest may be coming live with my Mom & me...So many plans yet to be laid down....I may finally find another resting place, at least professionally....That too, remains to be seen....I simply want to do music and relax, yet relaxation always eludes me, mostly, my own fault, of course....Must get back on the bicycle as soon as possible; no more excuses.....For now, rest....I am weary, and I miss she on the mesas and mountains;
oh well, tis my burden I suppose......Peace

To sleep once more, with muscle relaxed, and to close mine eyes quickly so as not to look back -

To rest in a state where my soul is at rest, and all is so mild -

Is where I long to be, so manic am I, so edgy and wild -

To rest just once more with my love by my side, to lay still and lie quiet -

Is a dream and a thought, to which I will cling and hold onto, and yes, a wish too, I do not deny it -

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UCLA Freshman Rebound Record - Really!

UCLA has a pretty bad ass 6'10" freshman basketball player this year in Kevin Love, and he's just set records for rebounds collected in a game by a freshman at the university; really?....He's tough, poised, and is already in the running for national player of the year, according to an article I read on the net just this afternoon. But please, take a look at the picture of the guy in the UCLA uniform on the right. When this shot was taken, he was a 7'2" sophomore with an 70" sleeve, and well, check the air under his shoes; when Kareem was at UCLA freshman were, per NCAA rules, ineligible for varsity play. You want boards?
Anyway, it always bugs me that Kareem and The Big Dipper don't get the respect and acknowledgement they earned and deserve....Air Jordan would have had his ass handed to him; bring that shit down the paint Mike.....Peace.
Lastly, never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I'm pulling for the New York football Giants this weekend....They're gonna win, watch.....Peace once more

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Was it something I said?

Sheeesh....I can't believe the ass whipping Rudy Giuliani is taking.....Every stinking divorced person, man or woman, in this country should be behind the guy....More later...Rain, rain in So Cal......Peace

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Onward with Weird!

Heath Ledger died today, heartfelt to his family. A really, really good actor "on his way" (Monster's Ball) in my opinion -

The strangeness continues; agreed, he's just an actor: Young, kick-ass guy, fades into the sunset like some kinda broke-back cowboy for no perceivable reason....By contrast, many of the rockers who've provided me great pleasure, and who certainly I thought coulda, woulda, should've been dead by now, are still with us; read: Jagger, Richard, Steven Tyler, Ozzie, and on and on....There is no "Go Figure" in equations such as these I suppose. For me, my limited-exposure to and perception of surrealism, seems to be much too embedded in the minuscule piece of reality I try to cling to.
Seems = seams in the strange fabric of "society" today; let's stop killing each other, then maybe I won't feel so strange.......I don't know, however, I suppose I need some cheese with my whine....Simply me, simple in my simplicity - Don't know of course, just the pattern of American life has been split by tailors and seamstresses from elsewhere and that the pursuit of balance and calm continue to be elusive. The simple little goals are sooo hard to attain; time to go back to some form of stage performance, and the bicycle...Exercise=escape: Ah, Relief!
Peace..........Ramble on....

I miss you - Sing well

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Feeling blah as blah can be....I allow shit get to me that I shouldn't; a weakness....Not much spirit tonight.....Sleep when I can, laugh as often as can be hoped for - Seek those who are not inspired by cruelty as I have been in the past; move forward Paul....
I've forgotten which direction that is - forward?

God, I hope Giuliani picks up the pace.....


Monday, January 14, 2008

Yappy New Year!!

Me mummy is eighty-six now; not put to the street mind you, simply chronologically she's hit the big 8-6.......A fine party in celebration of this milestone (the age of which she confesses she never expected to reach) was held at the usual haunt in San Pedro, CA. thanks to those; you know who you are....Despite agitating financial constriction, I am preparing to donate $25.00 to Rudy Giuliani's campaign for President; listen, he's the only candidate in the lot who's faced any shit in his life, and; he's a Divorced Dad.....Peace

A little piece:

Tis said Life is short and true friendship be fleeting - Be pure in your choices, and pray for a greeting - From one who loves truly or as sweetly as ye' do....

And try to be nice, and be truthful, and humble......Often, impossible....For me anyway....

Go Rudy!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It seems that I may have scored a small victory in Court yesterday. For tonight at least, it could be that I beat odds, even if only very slightly, that divorced Dads face in this country by the hour; the Court lowered my child support by a hundred and eight bucks per month. But, despite the contest, I know my daughter continues to suffer, and no matter what I do, for me, my love remains cradled in frustration, nervousness, and the hum of miles and years of a struggle I wanted no part of in the first place, and weighs heavily upon my spirit; I'm tired...
For this Court appearance, I thought I'd employed, under my skin, my toughest breastplate. As it turns out, my best attempts at toughness were met with near paralysis; I was frightened beyond description when my time came to go through the swinging gate, and speak to the Judge; what a fucked feeling....People shouldn't have to be exposed to such scrutiny, especially those who really love in their souls like I do. Family Court today is not the forum Thomas Jefferson and the others envisioned when they set the shit up....Stress, could be my ultimate undoing.......Peace

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Feeling a little nervous, to say the least; I have a Family Court hearing tomorrow.

Among other things, my stupid ex-wife #2 has provided "data" stating I'm $12,000+ in arrears in child support, which is complete and total bullshit. So, here I go again: A divorced Dad into the "forum" of the Family Law Industry.....I'll report back soon.....Hasta la vista, baby.....