Thursday, April 19, 2007

3) Wind in L.A.

19 April, 2007 -

I've about had it with the wind here in the LAX area; five days straight the crap has been blowing. I lived on the high desert (Lancaster, CA.) for seventeen years and last night the news broadcast said that the wind was currently stronger here in the South Bay than it is on the high desert; trust me, that sucks!

The picture above captured the early Skyhook: The only shot in basketball history that was, and remains, unblockable. Houston won this game by 2 points snapping UCLA's win streak at 47. Later this same year, 1968, in the NCAA Semi's the teams met again: UCLA 101 Houston 69....

My twenty-one year old has been "tanning" in a tanning bed/salon for quite sometime now despite the fact that her dad (Me) has had Melanoma twice. A few weeks ago, I forwarded this particular kid of mine a very recent statistical article that was published all over the WWW about how profoundly "tanning" increases the chance of contracting that horrific disease without any family history! Spoke to her today, she was walking into the salon to "tan" I'm thinking I'll have to find out who operates the joint and threaten them with a lawsuit; I just don't know.

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