Monday, April 23, 2007

7) Oops

23 April, 2007 -

Here is a piece on the WBIR website in Tennessee that is worth a look. Poor Mommy, has to pay $25.00 now:

Well my 50th Birthday party was a huge success and special and heartfelt thanks to my Mom, brother, and sister-in-law for hosting an exceptional event; many old friends of mine were there, several I've known since kindergarten and hadn't seen in years. We played basketball for a time in the mid morning on Saturday as my Mom and brother rented a gym at a local park. Unfortunately for me, I ruptured my Achilles Tendon; talk about ouch! Luckily I was mobil enough to enjoy the party. I suppose it is to be taken as yet another indicator of age progression, not to mention zero stretching of ligaments and tendons prior to getting on the court. (Read - stupid!) Anyway, it is swollen and sore but thankfully not as bad as I expected it to be by now.
Twenty-one year old Australian (If you ask me, he looks more like fourteen), Casey Stoner on a Ducati won the Turkish Moto GP race in rare fashion as he was something like five seconds ahead at the finish; monstrous at this level. Usually these guys are right on top of each other, and in fact, the rest of the competition better get it figured out quick as Ducatis were 1st & 3rd. My guy, Honda rider and American Nicky Hayden continues to struggle three races into the season; he finished seventh getting nipped for sixth on the final turn for the checkered flag by fellow American John Hopkins on a Suzuki. For today, it's going to be ice on the ankle region, then tomorrow I'll start the cold/heat regimen....Peace

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