Thursday, May 10, 2007

18) Less Water - More Violence?

10 May, 2007 - 10:40 PM Pacific time
Los Angeles -
I've just turned off our local news broadcast and the major coverage at this hour is a big brush fire burning on Catalina Island; this fire is a serious threat to the historic town of Avalon on the island and now people are being ordered off the island. The big part of the island fire story on the news throughout the afternoon had focused on the fact that deployment of these giant hovercraft to get "resources" to Catalina from Camp Pendelton Marine base was taking far more time than it should have.
Why Los Angeles County doesn't/didn't have enough "resources" already deployed there should be the underlying current for all of us during a crisis: Government Services may not be able to reach us for quite sometime if at all! The lack of forecasting and planning on our "officials" parts certainly does not instill confidence in this voter! What else aren't they planning for? I remember the huge fire storms of several years ago that wiped out much of Malibu and I recall the news helicopter flying over the next morning showing film of the devastation; there was one house standing untouched amidst all the burned out houses and foundations were all that was left of most.

The news crew interviewed the guy whose house survived and had been photographed from the air. He had a gas powered pressure washer and a full swimming pool. He yanked out his power washer, dropped the intake into his pool, put his nozzle on "stream", kept the flames off of his property, and saved his house himself; I'll never forget that interview. The guy was cool and prepared! I'm telling you folks, the fuel crunch is just a wake-up call for the real crisis that is looming if we don't all prepare and conserve: World Without Water scares this taxpayer far more than a World Without Oil does....Until next time....Peace

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