Monday, May 14, 2007

22) No Hyrdo

14 May, 2007 -

Posting to World Without Oil Game -

While worrying about my own selfish thirst today and thinking about our water situation in Los Angeles, I realized I've been greedy; and far too selfish. Our water shortage isn't near as grave as it is in China right now! Please read on...... News from the net tells me that 190,000 people in China, today, May 14, 2007, are facing water shortages as a mega drought continues to decimate areas of Hubei province. More than 3 million mu (200,000 hectares) of farmland have been affected by the drought, which has also left 93,000 livestock short of drinking water, according to the Hubei provincial flood and drought control authorities. The local government has dispatched about 400,000 people and tens of thousands of pieces of irrigation equipment to combat the disaster which has afflicted 22 counties and cities of the province. Precipitation is down 30 to 60 percent of normal in most parts of Hubei province just since April; people are going to die. In Shiyan 50 streams and 1,520 ponds have dried up, and 2,300 water cellars and 16 small reservoirs are nearly dry. Wheat output is expect to be reduced by 8.75 million kg this year............You've heard me from the beginning my friends; tis not lack of oil shall be the death of mankind, but alas, not a sweet drink of water to thine lips will kill ye?!

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