Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hi-Jacked Gas Truck

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I had the hell scared out of me today, as I witnessed a gasoline tanker truck taken from the driver at gun point by two armed men in a very violent manner! Understand that movies, commercials, and TV spots are constantly being filmed in this area so I didn't pay much attention initially as it looked too "staged" to be the "real thing". But as I watched, hoping to catch a glimpse of DiCaprio or Matt Damon, it became clear that the truck driver was terrified and that something terrible was taking place! I got the license plate number of the car who dropped the gunmen off as he was stuck in traffic momentarily and it just so happened I was the only witness in the line of site of all that went down....Especially scary for me, as I frequent this stretch of boulevard daily. When is this going to end? I happened to be on my way to the supermarket to purchase inflated price Porterhouse when I saw all of this crap. Then, while remaining in a bit of shock, I'm nearly accosted by the check-out clerk at Ralph's because I was taking too long in the self check-out line; I left the steak on the check out table, left, and went to Arby's for lunch. I won't be going anywhere until Monday!
Until next time, stay safe..........Peace...And please click on the link and contribute a few bucks. Or, purchase one of my bumperstickers and I'll contribute a portion of sale in your name....Thank you......

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