Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Been busy, trying to get the Achilles healed, get it? Ha! Anyway, more BS goes on. In Connecticut, their supreme court ruled that some kind of crapola child support law is now retroactive to 2004. Must have missed out on "their cut" of Dad's paycheck the first time around; pieces of Vulture guano they are....I wrote the following to the reporter:

...Greetings from Los Angeles..I write to you as a divorced, child support paying father in regard to your fine article on the Hartford ruling in respect to Child Support. First of all, Richard Blumenthal is either a blatant liar or being lead astray by his own administration. The state of Connecticut receives millions of Federal dollars each year, as does every state in the union, for it's child support collection efforts; CA. alone receives over $50 million dollars for this "purpose". These Federal funds DO NOT find there way into the lives of children of divorce or impoverished kids; these funds finance payroll, medical benefits, and paid vacation time for the employees of the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries. Those Federal Funds are taxpayer supported. FACT: The ONLY definitive study ever conducted on child support showed that men pay (Women are over 90% of the time the primary custodial parent in U.S. divorce cases) between 83% and 90% of all court ordered child support. When these figures became apparent Wayne Stanton, then head of the Child Support Collection Admin. in D.C. had the study cancelled. In fact, it took a formal Federal Freedom of Information Act submission simply to retrieve that study's data. Not incidentally, over half of ALL civil litigation in the U.S. involves divorce and child custody. "Best Interest of the Child"? Not bloody likely.....Fight on people and help the guys at daddyblogger as the BIKE Trek is rapidly approaching....

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FLC said...

Liked to know more about this Bike Trek. I say we make it a month long tour hitting every Family Court possible in that time.