Monday, December 3, 2007

And so, it goes on....

I have shared the location of my blog here with someone whom I respect more than anyone else I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally, and so going forward, I may inject a degree of difference in my postings. I'd told myself that I wouldn't share these entries with those who I care for and who may yet care for me (Friends & Family both) because, well, this is my blast zone; we shall see if I have erred yet again.......Not that I'm ashamed mind you, it's just that well, this person knows me like nobody else does. With that said: On with the TIRADES, GOD DAMN IT!!

Oh how I wish I could indulge myself perpetually into the fine art of the man pictured and forget everything else, I love him, truly. Never a more gentle, genuine, or brilliant artist has graced our planet; I have always said that people like the Marx Brothers should not be allowed to die. And just when I begin to dream of the wonderful exchanges that must have taken place between he and Wollcott and the others of "The Circle" I read the following from today's BBC News:

"A man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is being made to pay maintenance by the Child Support Agency" "Maintenance" in the U.S. people, = child support.......Oy gevalt!
In other words, for tonight at least, fuck it!

I am a fair composer of poetry, I will begin placing some here, to buffer the aggression of my entries. Or not.......Peace!

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