Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simpler; please!!

Sheesh, Christmas is almost here! May Oden help me, I'm just not sure what to think about that....I don't like the fact that much of what my uncles, aunts, and parents said, back when I was a kid, has turned out to be so fucking accurate: "Just wait till you're my age" or "You'll see, smart-ass, someday you'll wish you were a kid again, just wait" - And the classic in my family: "Slow down, enjoy. You'll be old before you know it" I suppose, they heard the same shit when they were all younger too. Boy, do I truly pray for a simpler life. Just a little easier, so many people count on me, I just don't know how much I got left in me, and hell, I'm only fifty. Can you see the tears on my cheeks? Aw well, to bed I suppose, I'm sleepy and the Marx Brothers await; they always do the trick....

I have an early January, 2008 hearing date that I am actually looking forward to, at least I am right now; check with me after Valentines Day. I hope Cupid doesn't shoot me in the ass with a poison Family Law arrow, little bastard! Wait, it's still 2007. 2007!! Oh my gosh!

Where has the time gone?......Rudy Giuliani people, Rudy G........Peace

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