Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UCLA Freshman Rebound Record - Really!

UCLA has a pretty bad ass 6'10" freshman basketball player this year in Kevin Love, and he's just set records for rebounds collected in a game by a freshman at the university; really?....He's tough, poised, and is already in the running for national player of the year, according to an article I read on the net just this afternoon. But please, take a look at the picture of the guy in the UCLA uniform on the right. When this shot was taken, he was a 7'2" sophomore with an 70" sleeve, and well, check the air under his shoes; when Kareem was at UCLA freshman were, per NCAA rules, ineligible for varsity play. You want boards?
Anyway, it always bugs me that Kareem and The Big Dipper don't get the respect and acknowledgement they earned and deserve....Air Jordan would have had his ass handed to him; bring that shit down the paint Mike.....Peace.
Lastly, never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I'm pulling for the New York football Giants this weekend....They're gonna win, watch.....Peace once more

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