Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Onward with Weird!

Heath Ledger died today, heartfelt to his family. A really, really good actor "on his way" (Monster's Ball) in my opinion -

The strangeness continues; agreed, he's just an actor: Young, kick-ass guy, fades into the sunset like some kinda broke-back cowboy for no perceivable reason....By contrast, many of the rockers who've provided me great pleasure, and who certainly I thought coulda, woulda, should've been dead by now, are still with us; read: Jagger, Richard, Steven Tyler, Ozzie, and on and on....There is no "Go Figure" in equations such as these I suppose. For me, my limited-exposure to and perception of surrealism, seems to be much too embedded in the minuscule piece of reality I try to cling to.
Seems = seams in the strange fabric of "society" today; let's stop killing each other, then maybe I won't feel so strange.......I don't know, however, I suppose I need some cheese with my whine....Simply me, simple in my simplicity - Don't know of course, just the pattern of American life has been split by tailors and seamstresses from elsewhere and that the pursuit of balance and calm continue to be elusive. The simple little goals are sooo hard to attain; time to go back to some form of stage performance, and the bicycle...Exercise=escape: Ah, Relief!
Peace..........Ramble on....

I miss you - Sing well

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