Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It seems that I may have scored a small victory in Court yesterday. For tonight at least, it could be that I beat odds, even if only very slightly, that divorced Dads face in this country by the hour; the Court lowered my child support by a hundred and eight bucks per month. But, despite the contest, I know my daughter continues to suffer, and no matter what I do, for me, my love remains cradled in frustration, nervousness, and the hum of miles and years of a struggle I wanted no part of in the first place, and weighs heavily upon my spirit; I'm tired...
For this Court appearance, I thought I'd employed, under my skin, my toughest breastplate. As it turns out, my best attempts at toughness were met with near paralysis; I was frightened beyond description when my time came to go through the swinging gate, and speak to the Judge; what a fucked feeling....People shouldn't have to be exposed to such scrutiny, especially those who really love in their souls like I do. Family Court today is not the forum Thomas Jefferson and the others envisioned when they set the shit up....Stress, could be my ultimate undoing.......Peace

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