Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Holiday "Open" Season is here!

Well, with the passing of Halloween "Open Wallet Season" has begun; too bad there aren't any "decoys" I can set out to fool my soon-to-be-sixteen year old daughter into thinking she has already procured all she needs in life, at least all she wants or needs from Dear Old Wonderful Dad! Not bloody likely, I say! Hoping those who give a shit, keep up with Glenn Sacks and his web site. This week past, he pointed out how Maria Shriver (Mrs. Governator) slammed fathers in a recent published piece "A Woman's Nation Changes Everything" but the kicker is this stupid Michael Kimmel person; zero in on him people, I intend to, with a vengance!
Anyway, haven't been on in a while and I am now a grandpa to boot, a lovely little boy he is too, have a look....Intending to write more often. Go Dads!


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