Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, since 29 July, 2010 I've been enjoying the bliss of being among the ranks of the unemployed and am - for the time being - reliant (grateful its there) on unemployment until I can find something good to do; I've been on unemployment only once before in my working life (for about three months in 2004) and I've been working full time since 1977. I can certainly use a vacation but so far, this has been anything but! However, as Go Daddy says: "we're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time" and that articulation has long been an unspoken mantra of mine; now its time to make it happen for me and my family and make an enjoyable income a reality! As if it weren't bad enough to have to rely on State government to help me pay the bills, I must also rely on our beloved U.S. Mail to get the much-needed check to me, and in my part of the world, that hasn't been the reality. I've just come from our apartment mailbox for about the sixth time today (I am getting in shape going up and down three flights of stairs) and our "Mail lady" has finally shown up with my check that was supposed to arrive this past Saturday; its 5:22 in the evening! Our mail chick didn't get through putting the crap in all those boxes for another fifteen minutes! Are you kidding me? Does the stress show on my ugly face? (Stupid question) The closest affiliated branch of the Credit Union I bank with is twenty-five minutes away and closes at 6:00 PM; its now 5:37 PM. I really wouldn't complain except for two reasons: I worked in a service position most of my career and would certainly do a better job than this tired old girl. Second, we never see our mail before 4:00 PM! Am I being a whiner to gripe about such "service"? Sheeeesh! Anyway, I haven't been on here for far too long and I continue to do my best to raise the consciousness of journalists to the bias, persecutions, and outright "wrong" being done to fathers and their kids in this and other countries; the fight for Dads' Rights will be with me as long as I live. Today, among other things, I read about five more "delinquent" parents (Surprise! All fathers) who were jailed in Ohio for being in arrears in child support. Ever wonder why there aren't more women on these types of lists? Well, if you're interested, drop me a line and I can tell you why. These five men are scheduled to be arraigned September 13, 2010, and if they fail to appear, arrest warrants will be issued. But wait; I thought they'd already been arrested(?) Atrocious!

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Steve said...

I agree! We are gonna have to do this the real hard way. It's time for each and every American that has a specific thing that is killing them to take it to the top as many times as it takes to make someone aware that it is wrong. I work 33 hours per week at Walmart and Child support takes all but $360. I don't know what to do...I'm trying to amend the amount, but it almost always fails and the paperwork could take up to 6 months!