Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I fear I have been in error....

For about five years now, I've been expounding here - and other places - about the "$980+ million Federal Dollars California receives annually for its child support collection and case management efforts" - That figure is wrong, WAY wrong, and frankly, I'm not entirely sure how I came to have it as a benchmark; Not only am I extremely embarrassed, I humbly apologize, my bad!

A more accurate figure, based upon the statistics available (2002 - $40 million dollars in annual Federal subsidy) when AB 2240 was vetoed by then California Governor Gray Davis would have to account for inflation and other factors and I’m neither a mathematician nor economist, in fact right now, I‘m feeling like a bit of a nincompoop. Hey I fucked up, I admit it….However, the fact remains that the only Federally Funded study ever conducted on the subject of child support showed that when they are employed, men pay between 83% and 91% of all court ordered child support in the U.S. and that they pay without intervention of any kid. Couple that with today’s tremendous - and extremely rare - victory for Orange County, California resident Pedro Soto and one begins to understand the tremendous cash cow that Child Support Collection really is for Government, elected and appointed officials, and countless “agents” and representatives” in both the public and private sector.

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