Saturday, April 28, 2007

11) Damn it!

28 April, 2007 -
The civilian in this picture has just had the bracelets put on as a result of yet another "sting" to round up "Deadbeat Dads" who are behind in their child support payments. But guess what? Not only is this guy "Deadbroke" he isn't the biological father!
..........Below in quotes, is a tiny excerpt from a February 25, 2007 letter written by Dr. Stephen Baskerville and printed in the Fargo Forum in response to a one sided article the Forum had published. As nearly always, Dr. Baskerville's words say it all: "Forcing parents to part with their children and then charging them with exorbitant “debts” they have done nothing to incur, on pain of incarceration, is not solving a problem; it is creating one. The unsurprising fact that ever-more invasive measures result in higher collections for the government hardly means that the system is “working.” "

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