Friday, April 27, 2007

10) Huh??

27 April, 2007 -

Wondering how many divorced Dads are dealing with personal nightmares today; thinking of you all. Michael Jordan, Sir Paul McCartney, Rudy Giuliani and all the other high profile dudes, wish you'd go public with your experiences, perspectives, and opinions on the Family Law Industry pit.

The guy pictured shooting over the Laker's Lucius Allen during the 74-75 season was my man, "Pistol" Pete Maravich (DoB: 6/22/47 DoD: 1/5/88) He remains the all-time NCAA scoring leader despite the fact that Freshman were ineligible to play varsity ball and there was no three point shot during his college career; good thing for all the UCLA haters too as it would have meant at least another two titles for Coach Wooden had Freshman been eligible. A "bad white boy" Pete was, maybe the baddest though Rick Barry could possibly argue. During a time frame when black players justifiably dominated this style of play, in my opinion Pete was one of the few white guys who could hang with the style in the 70's when "Showtime" type basketball was beginning to gain mainstream popularity. Not to mention, he was a big 6'5". The Anglo European players of today, or Americans for that matter, with all due respect couldn't hold the proverbial candle to guys like Pete, Jerry West, or Rick Barry. Simply put; the white players who enjoyed the Showtime style were better then in my opinion.....Ankle more and more colorful....Where are the comments on my bolgsterette?


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