Thursday, April 26, 2007

9) And so?

26 April, 2007 -
To date, I've failed to mention what in my opinion is the finest non-human companion known to mankind; the Irish Terrier a fine example of which is pictured here. My dear Irish Terrier, Terry would have been fourteen years old now; a rare blood based tumor on his liver took him down far too young. The diva loved him, and as she used to call him, he was the true "Irish Rogue"; he loved his beer, women, and music - really! While this picture is not of Terry, it is very close to what he looked like, except Terry's tail was a wee bit shorter than the fine pooch in this example.

My ankle is getting nice and purplish, a veritable rainbow of color it is with increased mobility returning a bit at a time.
A piece in the news today says that Larry Birkhead is now free to move about the country with he and Anna Nicole's baby. Typically, I do not ingest tabloid fodder but hey, he's a single Dad! Do you think if Mr. Birkhead had passed away, Ms. Smith would have had to submit to a DNA test to determine who the father was? Or that any of the recurring hoopla would have been initiated simply because a dad passed away? Understanding that Anna Nicole was a celeb and Mr. Birkhead was/isn't; the disparity between fathers and mothers in these scenarios continues to fly under the radar of general consciousness; it's bullshit actually. Dads should count too!

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