Wednesday, May 2, 2007

13) What's Next?

2 May, 2007 - My two older daughters pictured -
Here's one from New Mexico just this morning - Why am I not surprised?
Woman indicted in scheme to collect child support
In Albuquerque a woman accused of forging birth certificates and other records to collect child support has been indicted. A grand jury indicted 54-year-old Viola Trevino on twenty-four counts, including kidnapping, perjury, conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy to commit forgery. She is accused of creating an imaginary child to get more than twenty-six thousand dollars from her former husband. The couple divorced in August 1999. See the Clip here:
For the first time in my working life I am without comprehensive medical benefits; not a comfy feeling for sure. I spent seven hours in the Emergency/Urgent Care area at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center yesterday so that I could have the condition of my slowly healing ankle region assessed by an MD; I'd seen my Chiropractor on 1 May, and he advised me to have it checked for ligament or tendon tearing which he could not do with precision. From time to time while sitting in the waiting area at Harbor, I felt I knew what it must be like to be in the Green Room of the Jerry Springer Show; weirdos man, weirdos! But hey, waada ya gonna do? The apparent class and cultural differences present in the waiting area were most profound: Young, some Preppy, medical professionals and clearly established senior Medical Staff mixed with every homeless street urchin in the area and every country south of the American border well represented at Harbor 24/7. I found it striking and trust me, I've been around plenty of "low" people in my life and do not look down my nose at anyone. Refreshingly, the staff proved to be excellent and for me, surgery is not going to be required, I am most happy to report. During my wait, a very attractive young Hispanic looking woman was looking for a seat; I had my X-Ray envelope and Sony Walkman sitting in the chair next to mine. The young gal and I made eye contact and we nearly simultaneously glanced at the chair with my stuff in it; I moved my stuff - she said thank you and sat down.

"Brenda" was obviously nervous and wanted to talk: She explained that she'd been sent there following a visit to her dentist earlier in the morning; it was 11:30 AM when I arrived at Harbor. She went on to say, that a wisdom tooth had been giving her problems and that she'd gone to have it extracted. The Dental Assistant went to numb her and while looking at her wisdom tooth region called the dentist into the room. "Brenda" had Thyroid Cancer in 2000 with surgery and radiation following surgery to remove her Thyroid glands in her throat area. "Benda" said that lately she was having trouble swallowing and that her entire cheek and jaw on her right side was in pain. Being a cancer survivor myself, I could empathize. I was fortunate to have impeccable and caring support in 2005/2006 when I went through it, this youngster was by herself in a clinic for crying-out-loud! Anyway, I wrote down my oncologists name and told her about the incredible "Wellness Community" I also told her she mustn't mess around with this. She hasn't had treatment or follow-up since her final radiation treatment years ago. Well, it was just one of several scenarios played out in front of my eyes yesterday- It made me wonder about our country and the health care industry specifically. Maybe the people who have been calling for a National System have been right? I don't know, but I do know I've worked just about all of my adult life and just had my medical benefits end April 1, 2007. And, "Brenda" needs an oncologist/endocrinologist, makes $8.00 per hour, has kids four and seven years of age, and is frightened. A shitty combination really.....Onward

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