Friday, May 4, 2007

14) Thirsty for Oil?

4 May, 2007 - The link is to yet another Paternity Fraud article -

Yesterday, I paid $3.29 per gallon for Regular Unleaded fuel here in the LAX area (ARCO) which is at the least .14 cents per gallon cheaper than any other station in the vicinity. Before I lost my job, I'd always subscribed to the fact that buying Premium fuel enhanced the performance of my vehicle and thereby I needed to visit the filling station less often; I'm having to buy the cheap stuff until I get back to work which, God help me, should be soon. The fever pitch across the country about gasoline prices I find distracting in the big picture of life on Earth; what we're all going to need in the not-too-distant-future is more water! And nowhere else on this planet is this better demonstrated than guess where? That's right, The Middle East leads the world in the number of Desalination Plants (See photo) Personally, I have never understood why we don't have Desalination Plants all along our coasts in America and in my research on the subject I found that we have Biwater Advanced Environmental Water Technologies right here in Pasadena, CA. The infrastructure to move drinking and potable water is already in place. All we would have to do is to link the desalted water from near the ocean into our existing water supply delivery system; it is my view that this should be done immediately. According to an article generated by Biwater Technologies, this could be achieved economically by utilizing the less expensive Reverse Osmosis or Nano-Filtration techniques of today which use membranes to treat the salt water within the desalination plants; it is my position that construction of these plants should commence right away! Until next time.....Peace

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