Wednesday, May 9, 2007

16) Ho Hum

9 May, 2007 -

Seems a job is finally going to come to fruition for me; HOORAY! And of course, I am pleased about that. "My" ARCO Station's Regular is @ $3.35 per gallon now further encouraging me to drive longer, further, and faster; NOT! Be that as it may, my new place of employment (Awaiting background check clearance) is very close-by and located as near perfectly as one could hope for in the South Bay. Big fire here in the basin as most of you probably know in the Griffith Park area; you know it's serious when they put the water dropping helicopters in the air at night. For a while, the fire was threatening the Griffith Park Observatory which has just recently been reopened following a $93 million, four-year makeover of the art deco landmark! It was close there for a while evidently. The ankle continues to be a problem. Must go recline with an ice bag on my ankle now........Until next time, Peace........

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