Saturday, May 5, 2007

15) RUF & Moto GP

Cinco De Mayo, 2007 -

For tomorrow's Moto GP of China, Valentino Rossi is once more on pole shattering the track record by over half a second; huge for these guys.......I'm guessing that if all fossil fuel products as we currently know them were suddenly unavailable to the general public, among other things, the dynamic and mindset of the employer/employee - workplace/labor force would change virtually over night. From the beginning of the Industrial Age (in America at least) for the most part workers have moved themselves and their families to the proximity of the workplace. I believe that if fossil fuel ran out today, that dynamic would shift and to one degree or another the workplace, particularly new businesses, could be forced to come to the worker. I have also always been a firm believer in "the positive" and I have faith in mankind overcoming the obstacles that we now face.
One answer could be the utilization and installation of Pelle R. Jensen's RUF System of transportation = Rapid Urban Flexible (See illustration) The RUF System is a "Dual Mode" Electric/Hybrid vehicle system. One can drive these hybrid vehicles by themselves or take them to a station where you get on a track and let the system drive for you allowing stress and hands free commutes for example. The Texas DOT has issued a grant for an in-depth study and concepts for several American metropolitan areas have been rendered. See:

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