Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bias? Ya think?

The douche bag, rich-bitch piece of gutter snipe shown at right had capitol murder charges against her basically removed from her case yesterday: (,1,3326329.story?coll=la-headlines-california.

Had this piece of societal sleep-around whore been a man, well, you know, he'd already have been locked up - forever! Check the link and write to the Times in L.A. This is bias showcased at it's pinnacle. I hope her parents bleed every bit of cash they have to rescue this bitch. Makes me wonder what the judge was thinking: "Best Interest of the Child"? Evidently not.....
Throw your newborn into a dumpster as a woman = boo hoo.
Throw your newborn into a dumpster as a man = Gas Chamber asshole!

Rudy, you gotta make the change man!!
The Bike Trek guys continue to require our help:

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