Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Protest TIME Magazine's Father's Day!

Time Magazine's Father's Day article - "Daddy Dearest: What Science Tells Us About Fatherhood" is a throat cutting, back stabbing diatribe filled with misinformation lies and misnomers; it is further reinforcement of the Family Law Industry's perpetuation of the nightmare in this country that is removing Dads from their own households, destroying families, and having tax payer Federal Funds pay the people who perpetuate these atrocities - I urge you, don't buy the stinking magazine ever again and write to Time and let them know why! This malicious and blatantly bias article questions whether Dads "have done a good enough job to deserve the honor" of having a Father's Day - Certified idiots! I will never buy that piece of - - - - magazine again and I'm urging all of my people, friends, family, and contacts to do the same! And CNN is out too!! It's crap like this that causes many divorced Dads to commit suicide. Hang in there men, when Rudy's in The White House we'll clean the cupboard!!

Write to Time and let them know how you feel click here to write. - Like Glenn Sacks says about the article: "dads don't care, dads walk out, dads are stingy"!
And stay with Rob and Robert they need our help - http://daddy.typepad.com/daddyblog/2007/06/daddybloggercom.html

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