Monday, June 4, 2007

Time for change!~ Vote Rudy 2008!

My middle daughter graduated from high school this past Friday; it was so good to be able to share with her. I was unable to attend my oldest daughter's ceremony. And while this didn't make up for that, it was gratifying to be with them both; my oldest sat with me, bless her heart, while their mom and her family sat a few rows away; I'd have been by myself had my big girl not sat with me.
Huge article in the Daily Breeze here in Los Angeles today people, HUGE! Humble and heartfelt thanks to the author Denise Nix:

Plugged in this particular piece of Tull cover art as it's how I felt when I read Denise's article; won't ever stop the fight. Also, the guys in Michigan are gearing up. Please help with whatever you can contribute and a portion of sale ($5.00 each includes postage and contribution) of my 11" x 3" bumper stickers continues to go their way when I have enough collected to contribute. So far, dads from Oregon, Texas, and New York have contributed; jump in!

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