Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year? - Let's hope!

Great, and convivial, time was had by just about all who attended Christmas at my Mom's house. Which, by the way, and if it matters, is where I reside too...My older daughters had a great time and received some very nice things from Santy Claus and their family....I've been sorta wrapped with the entire Tiger-kills-zoo-patron thing; as I say from time to time "I can think of a few ways to go, but that ain't one of em" Spooky.....

As Oh-Eight approaches, gotta wonder what the hell is going to happen, as is known, Oh-Seven sucked....I must confess, I'm ready for that snap on Pennsylvania Avenue to vacate the premises; fuck! Glowing economy? Unemployment low? Bullshit!

Now I admittedly, converse with pretty small circles of folks, but I don't know anybody who is enjoying the proverbial "day at the beach" in their lives right now.....Oh, enough Pablo, sheessh!

To the bed with a sniffle, a sneeze, and a cough -

Sneak under the blankets, with shiver and broth -

Arise in the morning, with clear nose and eyes -

Hope that my head cold has met it's demise -
...Ah, at least I try. Some nights are better than others. To you who care; X O

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