Saturday, December 22, 2007

Miles in the Waiting

Picture is of two pretty, and important gals in my life; my middle daughter and my Mom -

Being limited by a strenuous bunch of BS dumped on me at the first of November, my Merry Blissmiss plans have been strained, as my body and soul continue to be, by crap much of which is out of my control.....I'm litterally quite tired and, grow weary of always having something or someone, not of my doing or desire, impeding what had been a clear drive for simple smoothness in my life; simple smoothness.....Had to get something for my youngest today, and so I did, venturing "out amongst em"....In L.A. I believe I've finally learned: Shop early. Which is what I'd intended to do until the bomb bopped me in November...Anyway, trying not to whine, but shit "what'd I do?"!
Looking forward to 2008?
Geeezzzuuusss! 2008!

A father's love...
"A father's seldom-spoken love sounds clearly through the years -sometimes in peals of laughter, sometimes through happy tears. Perhaps they have to speak their love in a fashion all their own. Because the love that fathers feel is too big for words alone"- Author unknown

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