Sunday, December 16, 2007


Arose, anticipating only the laundry, but alas found myself in yet one more quandary -

By myself, or with people, alone I do stand, then, someone came by - said "For now, I'll take your hand" - I never was asked, nor was I ever untruthful, but when burning inside, one want's to be fruitful - With passion and spirit, to the woman of then, came an aging young man to the seducer's warm den - With writhe and with sweat, to that moment one seeks, all at once, no more posturing, questions, nor peeks - In the human condition, is where truth it does live, testimony is given, folks to each other, they give - No pain, and much mercy, between two searching souls, so what if things happen, and grow out of control? If no one is injured and no promises made, then onward they travel, on their own paths, they've made.....Peace

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