Monday, December 17, 2007

Blown - Steam, Argh!!

The indicator was up, just as was my ire, and so it seems that my demons conspire - Against me the odds tend to show and constrict, and now it's my transpo that contradicts -

Does the car pick a time to both supply and deceive? Just wanted to get there have coffee and breathe - Now again I am challenged, and must dig out my wrenches - to twist and to alter, to replace the damn menace. - Today the Acura warned me that attention was due, some leaking, and steaming and it shut down too - So now I must fix it so that I can drive on, and pray that the timing belt doesn't end up on the lawn....

Well, I had a meltdown today, actually, it was my 90 Integra, bless it's heart. Stood by me and I have done nothing to maintain it....Check your belts and hoses people.....Peace

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