Saturday, May 24, 2008


While I realize I haven't many "fans" who have visited this stinking blog of mine on a regular basis, or in numbers that would rival a Zeppelin concert, there have been some who've come and gone, had a look, and even left an occasional comment.
In one of my more dim and distant entries, I spoke about my outrage in respect to the double standard treatment at the hands of the court regarding double murderess, Holly Ashcraft.
Recall, Ms. Ashcraft is the former USC co-ed who screwed a dude, got knocked up, had the baby, then tossed the baby in a trash dumpster where it died. Some time later, fucked another guy (or maybe the same cocksman) did the same thing: pregnant, have baby, dump newborn in trash dumpster. Well this asshole-shit little chick got off nearly totally free -no accountability; I hope the judge in the case, Judge Kathleen Kennedy, rots! First of all, I ask: what if a man had tossed a baby into a trash dumpster and been caught, what would he be charged with? This little Ashcraft strumpet pleaded no contest to child endangerment after the DA, to his credit, tried four times to pin murder charges on her ass.
I don't know how anyone associated with this cunt's release, including her rich snobassed parents, could cast their eyes on this whore, much less allow her to be held nearly completely unaccountable for her crimes! Shameful, but guess what, it gets better! All this little harlot has to do for taking the life of her own children, and she'll be sentenced on June 27, 2008 is to, get this: "time already served — about 30 days of jail time and about 695 days of electronic monitoring.
She also will be placed on five years of probation" By comparison, this bitch makes abortion clinics look fetus friendly!! I am, simply, dumbfounded! What if the guy who fathered the two babies wanted to have a relationship with those children? What if those men who fucked the bitch, died before ever having another child? I don't know, just seems, in the first place, so selfish of the little chick, then for the court to basically turn her loose is well, just not right! Am I wrong? - ProFuckingBation!!! Peace....

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Anonymous said...

You lie!!!(Or rather ???)
OMG - thats effing insane.

And I read your blog. I dont like to bother with the comments verification process blah blah blah blah so I dont usually comment but even though I dont always agree with you, I have this bookmarked.
-Black Chic in NY