Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Happy - AT ALL!

Having a very tough time over the last few days.
Frankly - See photo, never mind.
My youngest daughter is finally supposed to be released from the hell that is her mother's household and come with me to live. The cruelty this woman is capable of never, ever ceases to cause me to be taken back; she has had the change in custody documents in her possession for two weeks now, and they remain unsigned. By the way, this was all her idea. This cow is horrifically mean to my daughter, the toxic, vile, incredibly nasty things that come out of her mouth directed at my child - Argh!....I think it was Chris Rock who said: "I don't condone what OJ did, but I understand" - If people knew what this tramp has put me and my daughter through they would want to throw her off a bridge themselves! All I can try and do is carry on, hold on, and have faith in something that my Clay will survive, get out of that pit, and into some semblance of sanity....My God!
Everyone who pays taxes in this country should read this article - - from yesterday's Evening Sun out of Hanover, PA. Atrocious, absolutely atrocious! To close this entry, please know that my Michigan friends are gearing up for Bike Trek II - Please click on the links below and support these folks; they're a little softer edge than I am, but they fight just as hard, speak even more actively, they're doing all they can to bring about change, and, they love their children -
Equal Parenting is a must! Rock on Rob!!!

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Robert Pedersen said...

Moving Story - Keep everyone updated.

Are you taking those pictures yourself? Are you a photographer on top of what I know you do for work? Some of those shot are crisp and there is no way even my 8 camera could do that.