Monday, May 12, 2008

Torn? - Not Really....

I heard Nader speak recently, he is right: We need to stop settling for "least worst" people being elected.....

During our Mother's Day celebration yesterday, my sister-in-law's sister
yelled at me during a "political discussion". Actually, at one point, she simply went nasty on me. I'd brought up the fact that personally, I was tired of settling for "least worst" candidates in elections, and that I intend to vote for Ralph Nader -Making that proclamation in the presence of this person, as it turned out, was a mistake on my part! After uttering this intent of mine, a the verbal assault on my person was unleashed, a salvo the likes of which I have not been the target of in quite some time; prior to that it had been a simple debate.
The source of the intensity contained in the hollering I was subjected to, evidently came from the fact that this woman voted for Nader in past elections. It appears to me that this woman has come to the conclusion, a conclusion that Mr Nader himself has very recently warned about, that by voting for Nader votes are taken away from a more viable, "electable" candidate and hence the "opposition" wins; bullshit!
It is that very attitude that has left American voters with but two parties in elections and our democracy the plaything of corporations. The tangible and real impossibility of getting anyone outside the Democratic/GOP party regimes onto the ballot for crissake is enough to sound the alarm nobody is hearing! I mean geezzzuuussss, there are people from the Lumber Industry in high positions at the Department of the Interior and people from the Pharmaceutical Companies in high ranking positions within the Food & Drug Administration; least worst?

I'm done with that crap!
This gal in her tirade went on to scream that I "probably voted for Bush last time anyway, didn't you?" Well, I'm not going to lie and say I didn't, but being employed in the defense industry for as long as I had been, I did vote republican for that reason; hey Bush hoodwinked me too.
Anyway, other than that, a pleasant time was had by all......

By the way, did I mention that I love beer!

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Renae said...

What needs to be done, I think, is to get a-web site,not a blog, for all the angry parents against the system.AND SEND THE LINK TO ALL THE AGENCIES, and NEWS PEOPLE COAST TO COAST!!!
1)DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) should NOT be anonymous, it should be witness\defendant, and tried by your piers. IT SHOULD BE THE SAME PUNISHMENT FOR A FALSE POLICE REPORT,(EVEN WORSE, BECAUSE THE NEXT GENERATION IS AT STAKE!)ANONYMOUS REPORTING HAS MADE A FRAUD OF THE SYSTEM!These agency's are used far too often for REVENGE and to leverage custody battles! (Let me say, that if there is a history, of abuse, backed by police reports, that is a documented case of abuse,neglect prosecute the Bit\Bast)
2)Child support laws should be amended, and forced to be renewed, with proof of extended education, once a child reaches sign out age of H.S./Laws should be stricter for parents during college, proof of continued education, should be required on a yearly basis to collect support!
3) visitation rights should be strictly enforced.(If a parent refuses to visit the child, nothing really can be done, but a parent who moves and refuses visitation, again, maybe support should be with held, untill regular visitation is established, and whoever moved away needs to pay, a portion of the expenses for the visitation.)This is only fair.
This world is getting so FU'd up where you can not even spank your child? Not BEATING, a crack on the ass could soon be illegal? Yes there are laws in the works...Take away a parents right to discipline a child, and you will have anarchy, sooner than you think.
I know a teen who reported her mother to DYFS, because she didn't want to clean her room.(She made up a few stories, on why she was being abused) It wasted the states time, and money(over 6 months investigation)for a teenagers rebellion, and no abuse to be found!While other children were getting beaten\starved to death, and there were no reports, ""Or they fell through the cracks""!!!
Maybe they couldn't log enough hours, on certain cases that are cut and dry.
I had my own experience with some one using a cell phone, when my 2 1/2 year old decided to throw a sit down temper tantrum in the middle of the street, with 3 seconds left to cross.I grabbed his wrist and for approximately 1 car lane, pulled him across to the safety of the side walk.(That main street was averaging 1 a month, of people getting KILLED,crossing or not finished crossing when the light turned green)GOD FORBID HE ESCAPED AND RAN INTO the TRAFFIC TO GET AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE I WOULD NOT GO BACK TO THE ICE CREAM STORE FOR MORE ICE CREAM!I was on my knees, talking,calming, explaining to my son,9 1/2 months pregnant with my second son,(So scooping him up was not an option)when the police came.
I asked them (all 4) point blank, If they wanted another death on their hands, and if they wouldn't have done the same if it was their child? No reports were filed, and there are now STATE PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS AND SIGNS AND LINES,UP AND DOWN THE MAIN AREA.
What is a parent to do?A three second life saving action was reported to police?Obviously this person is/was not a parent, and if I acted with this person in mind, and fear of the police, and of my actions,My Son or perhaps ALL 3 OF US WOULD of BEEN DEAD, INJURED PARA-QUADRIPLEGIC?That to me is more horrifying, than a firm grasp on the wrist(Kicking and Screaming) to safety.