Monday, February 16, 2009

What else, and what next?

Over the last two weeks, it's rained here in Los Angeles more than I can remember since about 1982. The dead grass from my mothers back yard was floating on a river of lluvia down the driveway at about 8:00 this morning, and there must have been at least four inches of water on the ground all way round the old homestead; maybe the drought is finally easing. Anyway, I've now had primary physical custody of my fifteen year old daughter since June of 08 and the challenges continue; while I won't go so far as to say they're "mounting" they are at the minimum, ever present. Geeezzzuuusss!

Through the graciousness of one of the very kind people in my life, I was able to attend comedian Lewis Blacks' show here on Valentines Day night; he was as outrageous and funny in person as he comes across on television, I love the guy. The show was at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills. If you ever have occasion to attend an event there, go; the place is incredible. Be warned however, cocktails are not cheap. Stay with me if you will, but it has been nineteen months since I came back to the old house I grew up in, due to circumstances beyond my control (Third divorce, among other shit) to live with my eighty-seven year old mother, and that too is not without trying challenges. Frankly, she is about sick of me and my kid, my Dad, may he rest, died in 1995. And here, all this time, I thought I'd gotten my hard headedness from my Dad!!

So, 2008 is the first year since 1991, that I get to claim any of my children on my income tax - Hallelujah!! And, wouldn't you know it; the fucked up state of California is so fucked up, they're holding onto my fucking state refund. Just my luck! Oh well, and so it goes....Contemplate this recent quote by Connecticut Senator Edward Myer from an article in The Hartford Courant dated 1/30/2009: "the child welfare agency is one of the largest in state government. DCF has about 3,500 employees and an annual budget of about $900 million." and the key word here is "annual" and again, none of that $900 million dollars goes to children of divorce or families being "served" by that agency.

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