Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Air France AF 447

Not all of the recent news from Brazil (the tragic loss of the Air France Rio-to-Paris crash into the Atlantic Ocean) has been bad. There is also the report about the huge victory a divorced Dad from New Jersey scored in that South American country; getting his eight year old son back after a four year battle....Surprise, surprise, the mother took the kid to Brazil following divorce and
never returned; she died fairly recently. Let her rot!
The huge point to be made, not lost, and kept in the limelight as long as possible in my opinion, is the fact that elected U.S. Officials, up to and including Mrs. Clinton and President Obama directly addressed the situation with varying Brazilian authorities when they met with those officials. That could be big ladies and gentlemen! Big! Write to those people. Tell them about the outrageous occurrences right here in the States! Men paying child
support for kids DNA evidence has proven they didn't father! Mothers gaining primary physical custody of minor children over 90% of the time in divorces! The atrocious fact that divorce and custody comprise over half of all civil litigation in this country! No wonder the states are broke and the economy is in the shitter: we're paying all those mediators, counsellors, psychologists, child welfare people, judges attorneys and legislators to fuck as all right down the shit pipe. Personally, I'm sick of it!! I'm telling you folks, the time has come to give up on the Equal Parenting tactic and hit em where they (the tax payers) will listen; in the pocket book. Everyone with a clue knows that the States get monstrous amounts of Federal money each year for their case management and child support collection efforts. Funds that never make their way into the lives of children of divorce or impoverished kids! No! Those Federal Funds finance the salaries, medical benefits, paid vacation time, and pensions of those employed by the divorce and child support regimes. Those are Form 1040 funds people, your tax dollars, those "unaffected" by divorce and child support; its draining us all and it has got to stop! By far a larger threat to society as we know it than race or poverty combined! Taking Dads from their kids' homes via court order for thirty+ years has created a populace of thieves, teenagers who are pregnant all the time, and violent pieces of shit, with these "Family Law Officials", many elected, having a vested interest in creating as many of these little fuckers as possible, and getting Dad out of the way is the cornerstone of the divorce industry. Enough!

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