Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, so much for a Divorced Dad “victory” in Brazil for David Goldman; what a bucket of horse piss laced shit! Some fuck-face Brazilian Judge has blocked the American from taking his son home to the States. In the event you’re ignorant of the case, Goldman and his ex-wife’s (she was a Brazilian native) marriage went to the shit-can in 2004, when she snuck off to Brazil and divorced Holmes from down there. So, not long after the Family Law Industry in Brazil fucked Dave, the Nazi Family Law Comrades here in the States porked him too. As it was, the short sighted selfish bitch took a “two week vacation” to her native Brazil in 04 with their then four year old son in tow - Surprise! She and the kid never returned; Goldman has been in a longer battle over that whole bullshit-scenario prior. Anyway, since the ex-fuck died, like a year ago due to complications in birthing another kid by some Brazilian attorney asshole - who by the way, has been raising the kid, so the news reports say - (wonder if this Brazilian fuck lawyer has been getting child support from Goldman?) Ooooooo, that’d be the straw that breaks this divorced Dad’s fucking back! So, this brings to of late, Goldman saying like “Hey, the sneaking, conniving bitch is dead, gimme back my kid” - No brainer! Those of us who know how this shit works, are not, in the very least, surprised by the fact that the biological father hasn‘t yet had his kid returned. Can you say “Elian“? Those of us in the know, again, are not surprised, pissed like a motherfucker, but not surprised…..
But, as I opined yesterday, let us hope that “diplomacy” once again becomes a factor: I hope Mrs. Clinton gets on this again. If so, we should ALL write and call to her exclaiming the nightmare that are the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries right here in the U.S.A.! - Please stay tuned!

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