Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Passion gone?

Ooof, Christmastasio is nearly here....Certainly, so far at least in my life, things are turning out to be a bit more of a creepy fairytale than I'd thought they'd be; Demons, (some, admittedly, of my own creation) monsters, dark trails, have replaced pumpkin carving, stocking stuffers, and days at the beach. However, none of this stuff I anticipated when riding my skateboard, on a nice afternoon, in So Cal in 1969- Sheeesh....

Priced a gallon of milk this week?

Seems we're a bit short on heroes, champions, saviours, people of truth, or "the ordinary" folk baby boomers expected(?) at this point; things are almost making Nixon look good. Well, how I see it anyway.....Like Jim Carrey said in The Cable Guy - "Weird" - Ya think?

Mucha lluvia in Los Angeles two days in a row......Drought over? Hope so.....Peace

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